Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jer'Coda- She Like It (I Love It)

Here's some visuals from Jer'Coda new album which should be coming out soon. Shout out to Lufkin Tx for the inspiration behind it.

Pill- On Da Korner

Here's some visuals from Pill- The Overdose brought to you by DJ Drama. If you haven't downloaded it you need to quit bullshittin and get in now! Okay Den

Neako- Chief Rocka 2010

Maaaaan...Chief Rocka was my shit from back in the day...Here Neako does his best to create a new version...I must say it's nice.

Wiz Khalifa- Mezmorized

I been gone for a lil but now I'm back with some new Kush and OJ visuals