Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Casey Veggies- Ridin' Roun' Town

Here's some new visuals from the homie Casey Veggies..off the dope Album Sleeping In Class #SWAG!

Big K.R.I.T. feat. Curren$y and Killa Kyleon- Moon and Stars Remix

Here's some new visuals from Big KRIT and he brought along Spitta and Killa Kyleon. This video was shot in Houston during the Smoker's Club Tour. Good Talk 9 with Jonny Shipes coming real soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

John Dew- Ransom Freestyle

Here's some new visuals from the homie John Dew...Make sure yall download the Sixteen 16's Mixtape and his other music. Link below the video


B.Dot- Pad Kontrol

Shouts to the homie @JaySkrew...he put me on B.Dot coming from the West Coast. Dude is dope and here's some visuals to match!

Curren$y- Daze Of Thunder Video

Took a few days off but i'm back with some new Spitta visuals. Coming from Return To The Winner's Circle (his new mixtape coming soon) Spitta drops some visuals for us today. I need those OG Jordan 4's he's wearing!

Curren$y - Daze of Thunder from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cassie Veggies- Sleeping In Class Mixtape

It dropped right on time..we been looking for that new Cassie Veggies project and it's here! Hit up the link for download. It's dope by the way!

1. Forever (prod. By Beats4Clothes)
2. Ridin’ Roun’ Town (prod. By Brandun Deshay)
3. Hear Me Screamin’ (prod. By Brandun Deshay)
4. Get Through feat. Dom Kennedy (Prod. By THC)
5. 30,000 feat. Nero (prod. By Woody)
6. Loved Then Alone (Prod. By Outbreak)
7. Go Ahead feat. Mann (prod. By J Poundz)
8. Time Flies feat. Skye Townsend (prod. By L.A.U.S.D)
9. Searching (prod. By IMPRM)
10. DTA feat. Tyler, the Creator (prod. By Wolf Haley)
11. Euphoria ll (prod. By Uncle Dave)
12. And Ever (prod. By Ty Cody)


Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Swizz Beatz- Ass On The Floor

Ummmm....well it's been like years in the making. Ok not that long but it feels that way! Last Train To Paris finally dropped today. Here's some visuals featuring Swizzy..

Hollywood Floss- Just My Thoughts

Man this guy is dope...coming from Houston Texas. The new movement is here folks and there's some real spitters from Texas here to stay. If you haven't, get his mixtape The Xperiment II asap

Friday, December 10, 2010

XV- Flying V

Dope visuals from XV off Vizzy Zone..If you haven't downloaded it get it now!

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg and Akon- Kush

I'll be damn!!!! Looks like Detox is finally coming out! We've waited 10 years for this so I hope it's worth it in February. Plus it's nice to see Dre and Snoop back at it. Dope visuals!

Kendrick Lamar- Look Out For Detox

Here's some new visuals from the man himself Kendrick Lamar. Fresh off his meeting with Dr. Dre, he drops a video. This beat is NASTY!!!!!! Make sure you drop his album Dre!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nesby Phips- Word To These Bo Jacksons

Yooo this is a dope ass video from the homie Nesby Phips...Man I need to cop me a pair of Bo Jacksons...had them shits when I was little! Shout out to Creative Control and Ski Beats on the boards.

Curren$y- Daze Of Thunder

Here's a new joint (no pun intended lol) from Spitta himself. Fresh after Pilot Talk II (go cop that shit). This is gonna be on his new upcoming project Return To The Winner's Circle. JETS FOOL

Skeme- What I Deserve

Here's some visuals from Skeme off of his latest project Pistols and Palm Trees..

Chip The Ripper- Cool Points

New one from Chip the Rip..off The Prelude To Gift Raps II...man we need Gift Raps Chip!!!!!

Stalley- Hercules

New video joint from Stalley...off his new project Lincoln Way Heights.

Stalley "Hercules" from XXL Video on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shawn Chrystopher- You, And Only You Album

Here's a new project from the homie Shawn Chrystopher. If you haven't, check out the visuals for Catch Me If You Can down the page...dope ass video! Here's the download link and tracklisting! You know what to do

1. You, And Only You
2. Be Famous
3. The Hangover
4. Five Letter Word
5. Emergency Broadcast
6. Catch Me if You Can
7. Bang
8. Like This
9. Private School Girl
10. Plan B (Feat Jack Freeman)
11. Yesterday
12. Sold Out Shows
13. The Wood
14. I Tried

Copy and Paste for Download: http://droppp.com/0241/shawn-chrystopher-you-and-only-you

TreDice Da God- Just Went Pro

Here's a new jam from the homie TreDice Da God....This song jams and he's hittin you with some dope bars! Copy and paste the link for the mixtape! Shouts out to Jersey!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shawn Chrystopher- Catch Me If You Can

Here's the leading visuals from Shawn Chrystopher's new project called You, And Only You which drops tomorrow!! I'll have the link up for download!

Thee Tom Hardy feat. Euro- Off The Radar

Here's some new visuals from Thee Tom Hardy...nice chill dope ass video! Make sure you download Thee Tom Hardy-Secret of The Green Magic mixtape!

Free OnSmash

FREE ONSMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say that....you can't take all of us down!!!!!

B.o.B- No Genre Mixtape

New B.o.B Mixtape No Genre...you already know what to do..tracklisting down below and hit the link to download pure dopeness!

1.) Beast Mode – (Prod. by Infinity)
2.) So So – (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
3.) How u do that – (Prod. by Kutta)
4.) Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – T.I. & Spodee – (Prod. by Kutta)
5.) Higher – feat. Playboy Tre – Prince Cy Hi & Bun B – (Prod. by Polow da Don)
6.) Shoot up the Station – (Prod. by Kutta)
7.) Not Lost – feat. T.I. – (Prod. by JR Rotem)
8.) Cold As Ice – (Prod. by Mike Caren & B.o.B)
9.) The Watchers – (Prod. by B.o.B)
10.) Batman Flow – feat. Donnis – (Prod. by Dr. Luke)
11.) American Dreamin – (Prod. by Mike Caren & B.o.B)
12.) Grand Hustle Kings – feat. Young Dro & T.I. – (Prod. by Quincy Jones)
13.) Dr. Aden – (Prod. by Jack Splash)
14.) Attraction – (Prod. by B.o.B)
15.) Game Time – (Prod by J. Lack)
16.) I’m Beaming – Remix (All City Chess Club)


Obie Trice- Anymore

Yooo Obie's BAAAAAACK (Eminem voice)....man i'm glad to see dude is back at it. He's too dope not to be spittin.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Sean- Crazy

If you have one of these girls in your life....as Kendrick Lamar would say, you need to Cut That Chick off! Dope visuals from Finally Famous 3..if you haven't downloaded it yet..you behind BOI!!!! Shouts out to SayItAitTone

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Joell Ortiz- Battle Cry

DAMN!!!!! Dude just killed this. New joint from Free Agent. This dude goes in with no hook and straight murdered it! Fuck E1 and Free OnSmash.

John Dew- Sixteen 16's Intro

Word to the homie John Dew for this dope ass video! I'm feelin the new movement from Houston. People better start realizing dudes from Texas can really spit! Shout out to Hollywood Floss and Rob Jay for the visuals. Also download Sixteen 16's the mixtape...link below the video

John Dew Sixteen 16's Intro from Rob Jay on Vimeo.


Jordan Doerenbecher 3's

Yo these just released on Friday I believe...dope ass shoe! If you didn't get them at first, good luck finding a pair. I missed out my damn self SMH. Shout out to jjjumpman23 on youtube!

Kendrick Lamar- Michael Jordan

Man i love this track...Shout out to K Lamar man, dude been grinding and it's finally starting to pay off. Pay attention people, Drake didn't brink lyricism back, but Kendrick Lamar is about to! Download Overly Dedicated or kill yourself...#dontwuwwy

Big K.R.I.T.- Can't Be All

Word to the homie Big KRIT man...nobody from the southern region is fuckin with this dude right now! Bringin the south back the way it's meant to be! Shout out to Johnny Shipes!

Mickey Factz- Legend

New visuals from the homie Mickey Factz...if you haven't downloaded I'm Better Than You...your terribly sleepin!

Dom Kennedy- Locals Only

My favorite track off From The Westside, With Love...Dom we need that 3rd verse on the track bro!! One of my favorite tracks of the year period!

TiRon- 1ne

New video from the homie TiRon...